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Regional Meetings

NAITCO Leadership Summit Set for April 16-18 in Chicago

National Agriculture in the Classroom state contacts and their staff members are invited to the first ‘NAITCO Leadership Summit' scheduled for April 16-18, 2018 at the Hilton Garden Inn O'Hare Airport near Chicago. This year, the joint professional development meeting being called the ‘NAITCO Leadership Summit' will replace the four regional meetings usually held for Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC) state contacts, and will begin at 3 p.m. Central Time Monday April 16 and end at 11 a.m. Central Time Wednesday April 18.

The top topics selected by AITC state contacts in a poll sent out last fall were selected. They include sessions on developing an understanding of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and how to use agricultural concepts to teach NGSS, developing relevant workshops using agricultural concepts for pre-service and in-service teachers and strengthening fundraising efforts for state AITC programs, among many other topics.

AITC state contacts are encouraged to attend, and bring their staff members, particularly if they are launching a new state Agriculture in the Classroom program or re-establishing a former state Agriculture in the Classroom program. In addition to several sessions relevant to K-12 teacher and student programming, participants will have a chance to mingle with other AITC state contacts who have had years of experience running successful programs. NAITCO will cover most of the cost of travel for AITC state contacts.

Everyone who attends (AITC state contacts and their staff members) must pay a $100 registration fee each to cover the cost of most meals. But NAITCO will cover two nights lodging for one AITC state contact per state, and up to $250 for airfare or mileage to get to and from the meeting for one AITC state contact per state.

To register for the meeting, pay the $100 registration fee and provide information about lodging needs. While staff members of AITC state programs are encouraged to attend, they will have to cover the cost of their travel - $100 registration fee, lodging (if they're not sharing a room with an AITC state contact) and airfare or mileage.

NAITCO will submit a rooming list to the hotel based on the registration information submitted. There is no need to contact the hotel. AITC state contacts who are bringing staff members need to be prepared to pay for staff members' lodging (if they don't share a room with a state contact) when they check out of the hotel. The room rate is $150 a night, which includes taxes and fees. AITC state contacts will need to submit an expense form with receipts to NAITCO after the meeting to be reimbursed for up to $250 of their airfare or mileage to and from the meeting.

Please contact NAITCO Executive Director Lisa Gaskalla with any questions or concerns.

Registration for the NAITCO Leadership Summit is closed.

2018 NAITCO Annual Meeting Set for Tuesday June 26

Tuesday June 26, 8 a.m.-4 p.m.
Holiday Inn By the Bay, Portland, Maine
Contact NAITCO Executive Director Lisa Gaskalla for more information.

2018 AITC National Conference

June 26-29, 2018
Portland, Maine
Holiday Inn by the Bay