State Reports

State Summary 2017 — Alabama

State Contact

Ms. Kim Earwood
Alabama Agriculture in the Classroom
P.O. Box 11000
Montgomery, AL 36191-0001
P: 334.612.5370

Classroom Resources

Yes, a teacher resource guide was developed with videos, activity sheets and teacher keys. This resource is designed for use in classrooms, school counselors, and school organizations such as 4-H, FFA and FCCLA.

Major Program Accomplishments or Outputs

The Alabama AITC programs major accomplishments during 2017 included a Summer Institute, lasting three days. The agenda for the workshop included original materials designed for classroom teaching, field trips to farms and agribusiness enterprises, and on-the-scene visits with farmers and agricultural leaders. In addition, Alabama AITC was a sponsor of student Day at the National Fair as well as co-sponsor of the annual statewide Farm-City poster contest, a Farm-City calendar, featuring the winning posters. Instructional materials designed by Alabama AITC teachers are provided to classroom teachers and home school programs free of charge. A website of current information concerning Alabama AITC activities was updated with current curriculum and resource information. Also, a Facebook page is kept current to inform Facebook users of activities offered by Ag in the Classroom.

Major Program Impacts or Outcomes

Thirty Agricultural Field/Education Days were held across our state as a result of Ag in the Classroom In-services and workshops.

1,000 teachers were provided AITC materials and curriculum through statewide trade show events

Pre-K through sixth grade students received agricultural classroom instruction through hands-on activities during the school year.

80% of teachers who attended the AITC summer institute located the applications through the AITC web-site and plan to visit the web-site on a regular basis for additional curriculum and updates.

Thirty teachers applied for AITC mini-grants during the Fall and Spring to fund their hands on learning experiences in their classroom.


I serve as the Alabama Ag in the Classroom Steering Committee Chairman. I received B.S. and Masters Degrees in Home Economics and have worked in the Agricultural sector the past 26 years with the Cooperative Extension System as a 4-H Agent and the Alabama Farmers Federation as the Women"e;"e;s Leadership Division Director. I have served on the Alabama Ag in the Classroom Steering Committee for 13 years.