State Reports

State Summary 2017 — California

State Contact

Ms. Judy Culbertson
CA Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom
2300 River Plaza Drive, Suite 220
Sacramento, CA 95833-3293
P: 916.561.5625

Classroom Resources

What’s Growin' On? Transportation

Garden in a Glove Ag-bite

Ag TransPORTation Ag-bite

Blueberry Fact Sheet

Beefing Up Math

Fruits and Veggies for Health

Fun With Plant Nutrients Team - Educator Guide

What’s Growin' On? Agriculture and the Environment

Taste and Teach

Agriculture Fact and Activity Sheets (entire set)

Major Program Accomplishments or Outputs

This past year, CFAITC developed new lessons including: What’s Growin’ On? Transportation; Fact Sheet on Blueberries; Garden in a Glove and Ag TransPORTation Ag-bites; and Beefing Up Math Worksheets. Through the second year of our Taste and Teach program, more than 750 teachers applied for the program. Although we were not able to select all, 250 participants received a printed copy of the following materials, along with a $100 Raleys gift card and program instructions. The resources developed for the program are available for all teachers online. 25 teachers received $500 through our Literacy for Life grant program to enhance a current ag literacy project or create a new opportunity for their students. CFAITC partnered with California Certified Organic Farmers Foundation to offer 22 grants of $1,000 each to educators across the nation to teach students about organic practices in agriculture. The 2017 California Agriculture in the Classroom Conference was held in Tulare County. More than 150 conference participants heard from agriculture leaders via field trips, guest speakers, workshops and networking opportunities that inspired them to take agriculture back to their classrooms. About 50% of attendees were first-time participants. California Ag in the Classroom continues to update its resources and correlate them to state education standards to maintain its high credibility for accurate and relevant agricultural literacy materials. Additionally, we attended several educational conferences including California Science Teachers Conference, National Science Teachers Conference, California Agriculture Teachers Conference, and more.

Major Program Impacts or Outcomes

The 15th edition of What’s Growin On? Agriculture and the Environment student newspaper was distributed to more than 1 million readers. Currently, Cream of the Crop, the electronic newsletter, is sent to 18,754 teachers and friends of CFAITC. The CFAITC website received 192,905 page views in 2017. The CFAITC University Student Teacher Program reached 506 student teachers, introducing them to the teaching materials and programs available. 7,009 California students learned about different aspects of the agricultural industry through the CFAITC Literacy for Life Grants. 6,250 California students learned about fruits and vegetables through the Taste and Teach Program. 15,791 students learned about organic practices in agriculture through Look at Agriculture... Organically! Grants. The CFAITC Facebook page currently has 3,348 followers. Through Facebook we share updates, program details, resources, photos, articles, information and upcoming events. The CFAITC Twitter account currently has 1,237 followers. Through Twitter we participate in discussions, share information, and network with other professionals, parents, and teachers interested in agricultural education.


Judy Culbertson, a 5th generation pear grower, grew up in Courtland, a small town just outside of Sacramento, California. Following high school, Judy graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agricultural Business Management.

In 1980, Judy joined the Agriculture in the Classroom program. Today she serves as the executive director for the California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom. Judy hopes that through the Foundation, every student can gain an appreciation and curiosity for learning about where their food and fiber come from.

The dedication and belief Judy possesses in the value of agriculture and education does not stop with her role with the Foundation. For the last 34 years, Judy has represented the Foundation on a variety of local, statewide and national boards and committees along with dedicated involvement within her own community. Judy is the past chair of the California State Fair Ag Advisory Council and CFAITC is the co-chair of California Agriculture Day, located at the state capitol. She is also a member of the local Delta High School Ag Council and past president of the Sacramento River Delta Historical Society.