State Reports

State Summary 2016 — Colorado

State Contact

Ms. Jennifer Scharpe
Colorado Foundation for Agriculture
10343 Federal Blvd Unit J Box 224
Westminster, CO 80260
P: 970.818.3308

Classroom Resources

Colorado Readers on the following topics: Jan. 2016 Exploring Eggs: Feb. 2016 - Colorado's Water Plan: Mar. 2016 Building Blocks of Nutrition: Apr. 2016 Biotechnology 101: Sept. 2016 Rangelands: Oct. 2016 Be Safe Around Electricity: Nov. 2016 Amazing Maize:

Interactive Online Colorado Readers: Biotechnology 101: Exploring Eggs: Behind the Switch: Building Blocks of Nutrition:

Major Program Accomplishments or Outputs

Distributed Colorado Readers on the following topics: Exploring Eggs Colorado's Water Plan Building Blocks of Nutrition Biotechnology 1010 Rangelands Be Safe Around Electricity Amazing Maize

Distributed over 6,000 Understanding Water Activity Books, 8000 Cattle in Colorado History and 3000 Wool and Sheep Activity Books. Distribute 200 Sheep Ecology DVDs. .

Presented information about agriculture to 200 science teachers at the Colorado Science Convention and to 1000 teacher at the Reading Conference. 50 teachers took our Food, Fiber & More Summer Institute.

Distributed CFA Comic called Watershed Defender.

Sent out 3 E-newsletters highlight new materials and resources about agriculture.

Major Program Impacts or Outcomes

50,000 fourth and fifth grade students received information about agriculture through the Colorado Reader series six times during the school year.

Produced 4 issues of the Colorado Kids that was distributed via the Denver Post. Reached over 200,000 Colorado residents.

Arranged to have 260 classrooms read a book about agriculture by Colorado farmers and ranchers.


A graduate of Colorado State University with a degree in history education. Bette Blinde is the Executive Director of the Colorado Foundation for Agriculture. She has held the position from the time the foundation was formed in 1991. As Executive Director of Colorado Foundation for Agriculture she is responsible for the production and distribution of educational materials about agriculture and natural resources. This includes publishing the Colorado Reader series. Topics published include: Livestock; Dairy; Integrated Pest Management; Corn; Wheat; Water; Forests; Wildlife; Grocery; Produce; Recycling and Cooperatives, Food Safety, Protecting Our Soil, Colorado Ranching and many more. She has also written activity books on Wildlife Management and Colorado's Wool and Sheep Industry. She works with The Denver Post Newspaper in Education program providing resources and materials for Colorado Kids Page and she writes their Stock Show curriculum. She is also responsible for Colorado's Agriculture in the Classroom program which includes classroom presentations, farm day programs, AgriCULTURE in the Classroom Summer Institute and water festivals. She works with a variety of agriculture, wildlife, environmental groups and their board of directors along with working with educators and curriculum coordinators from across the state. She was inducted into Colorado's Agriculture Hall of Fame.