State Reports

State Summary 2016 — Indiana

State Contact

Ms. Julie Taylor
Indiana Farm Bureau, Inc.
P.O. Box 1290
Indianapolis, IN 46206
P: 317.692.7870

Classroom Resources

A few new resources were revised or created for use by classroom and volunteer educators which can be found on the newly updated Indiana Farm Bureau website. Ag in a Bag an activity booklet as well as several activity plans: Moo Goo, DNA Bracelet, Biodegradable Plastic, Garden Plot Crackers, and Soil Sam.

Major Program Accomplishments or Outputs

Having outgrown our on-site conference space we hosted our annual volunteer and teacher workshop at Dow AgroSciences global headquarters. 97 Volunteers and educators, 30% that had never attended an AITC even before, came out for a full day of workshops and tours led by Dow's Science Ambassadors. In addition to our annual workshop we also hosted a regional workshop where 32 teachers and volunteers attended at a well-known agritourism destination. We focused solely on activities for the classroom during our 3 hours. We also continued a social media campaign on Facebook that began in November 2015 that shared farm facts each Friday using #FarmFactFriday. Collectively we reached more than 245,300 Facebook users with this campaign in 2016 with 6,699 reactions, shares, likes or comments. Our post on The Farmer's Share reached more than 129K and was shared more than 1.1K times! We have been trying to partner with other agriculture education programs and commodity groups around the state including the Indiana State Fair Global Barns Initiative where we were able to distribute more than 550 Ag Mags through their year-round field trip series.

Major Program Impacts or Outcomes

The annual volunteer update and teacher workshop attendance has grown by 70% in the past 4 years. Statewide the AITC program volunteers reported reaching 2,263 PreK students in addition to 67,562 students in grades K-12. 88 Farm Bureau members attended a 2-hour training session at the annual Spring Confernece in March.


Julie Taylor is the state contact for Indiana. Prior to joining Farm Bureau as the Education Coordinator, Julie taught junior and senior high school Family & Consumer Science for 10.5 years. She has held this position for 4 years.