State Reports

State Summary 2016 — Kansas

State Contact

Ms. Cathy Musick
Kansas Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom
1990 Kimball Avenue
Manhattan, KS 66502
P: 785-320-4350

Classroom Resources

  1. We created two new Kids Connection Magazines for grades 3-5
  2. Pollinator Party, Partner's in Agriculture and partnered with Kansas Department of Agriculture graphic designer. Linked to pollinator lesson plans
  3. Updated Lesson Plans include: Corn Calculations, Things I learned from a Tomato, Beanie Baby and Kernel Kids germination lesson plans; Grain Sorghum Fact Sheet; Pumpkin Exploration; and Crops, Plant Part posters and Growth Cycle posters.
  4. All of the resources listed above are on our website
  5. Created a new delivery system for ag literacy called A+STEM. Half day professional development training for teachers customized to curriculum needs identified by the school district curriculum development personnel.
  6. Created a new delivery system for summer institutes called Connect2Ag.
  7. A two year model of adopting a school district; delivering two years of summer institute
    • Connecting Your Classroom to Kansas Agriculture and
    • From Farm to Plate. Community based model with local ag partners and presenters as well as local funders. Creates a cohort group that will support Ag in the Classroom well after the two year training! Partners include the local community college ag educators as well as college youth and the local high school youth in ag programs.
  8. We continue to provide resources and training to the teachers who are part of the growing number of ag charter schools in Kansas.

Major Program Accomplishments or Outputs

Major Accomplishments for 2016

  1. Continued with 8 person science teacher advisory to write 16 lesson plans about wheat genetics.
  2. 144 pre-service teachers learned about Virtual Swine tours and Feed Sack Snack
  3. 83 Kansas teachers incorporated at least one KFAC lesson plans in the classroom
  4. 94 classroom teachers attended A+STEM professional development training.
  5. Three new Kids Connection magazines for grades 3-5 were produced: Beyond the Beef Barn; Pig Tales; More than Milk.

Major Program Impacts or Outcomes

  • 96% of 83 teachers attending summer institutes integrated at least one lesson plan given as a resource during the institute. They completed an evaluation rubric and provided pictures showing students in action to earn a $150 stipend.
  • 95% of students participating in Virtual Swine Tours reported an increase in knowledge on pre-post survey.

100% of NSF Wheat Genetics teacher advisory reported increased knowledge about wheat and reported it a perk that they get to meet 5 times per year with their peers to create great lesson plans for their students!

Over 50 teachers across the state volunteered to pilot test the NSF wheat grant lesson plans Spring of 2017.


An Undergrad degree, K-State in Agriculture Science

A Masters degree, K-State in Adult and Continuing Education

14 years experience as K-State Research and Extension Educator

KFAC since February of 2006