State Reports

State Summary 2016 — Kentucky

State Contact

Mr. Scott Christmas
Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation
P.O. Box 20700
Louisville, KY 40250-0700
P: 502.495.5000

Classroom Resources

Kentucky Farm Bureau formalized an agreement with Mr. Mitchell Tolle, a national acclaimed Kentucky artist, to illustrate and author Kentucky’s first Accurate Ag Book entitled, The Most Wonderful Dream. Mr. Tolle, a world renowned Kentucky artist, has painted a U.S. President’s portrait, published four books and from his Kentucky Studio has entertained guests from more than 80 countries. His rural Eastern Kentucky roots, the broad appeal and the demand for his paintings and drawings of the faces and places of our state make him uniquely qualified to create this significant work. Over $20,000 books have been ordered by the public.

Presentation Posters: Presentation display posters were developed showcasing 14 different targeted areas. The 24” x 36” posters are mounted on 4mm corrugated plastic with an attached easel. Some of the posters include Careers in Ag, Soil Conservation, Corn, Pollinators, Forestry, Poultry, Swine, Dairy, Equine and Sheep/Goat. Level of Focus: 3+

My Kentucky Home Map Activity The map enables students to learn the different regions of Kentucky, what natural resources can be found in those regions, and how land surface and resources determine which agricultural products are produced across the commonwealth. Grade Level Focus: 3+

Two versions are available: • 6’ Vinyl Banner that can be mounted on a wall or placed on a table, includes laminated pieces for the “Find that Farm” activity - $125 • 3’ Paper Poster for mounting on the wall

Kentucky Farms Feed Virtual Field Trip Videos and Curriculum: Through the support of both the Kentucky Corn Growers and Kentucky Small Grain Growers Associations, we are now offering digital files of eight short video field trips to Kentucky farms. Each video field trip has corresponding, standards-aligned lessons for varying grade levels. This program is free of charge to all members in digital format. Grade Level: K-12

Test Your Seed Sense Activity: Students and adults love testing their knowledge of what seeds look like for different fruits and vegetables. This activity comes in two versions: • A table-sized 24” by 60” vinyl mat with 20 seed types (perfect for festival or ag day walk-up activity) • Classroom set with 30 types of seeds with corresponding plant photos

Living Necklace Seed Germination Kit: Through this activity students will learn what is needed for a seed to germinate and a plant to thrive in this ready-to-use activity. They will also witness the germination process in a mini-greenhouse that they will build and wear. Each activity kit includes a lesson, reproducible worksheets, and laminated visuals of the germination and photosynthesis processes. Sponsored by the Kentucky Soybean Board. Grade Level Focus: K-5

Animal Care Trivia Game: Students will select one of several laminated animal photo cards and test their knowledge of Kentucky livestock such as terminology, what it takes to keep them healthy, and animal products. This game is suited to an elementary school audience. Comes with 24 animal photos (3 sets of 8 - dairy cow, beef cow, pig, chicken, turkey, horse, sheep, and goat) and a laminated set of questions. It can be used with a downloadable power point, and the questions can be asked as part of assessment. For an outside activity or Ag Day rotation, we also have life-size animal cutouts on easels. Grade Level: K-5

Product Pandemonium: Students will look at several products (food,household, clothing, construction, etc.) and try to determine their origins: nature, farm, store, or factory. Once they learn that all products have connections to nature and the farm, they can then try to match them to plant or animal ingredients. This activity comes with 80 unique product cards, 4 baskets for sorting, and category signs. Grade Level: 3+

Agriculture Technology Presentation Flip Book: Our digital presentation on agriculture technology has been designed into an 11” x 17” laminated flipbook that can be used in any outdoor or small classroom situation. The book has many colorful pictures to showcase how farmers are producing more food with less energy and resources and better safety standards. Grade Level: 3+ Sponsored by the Agribusiness Association of Kentucky

Linking Farm to Table: This activity includes several “meal cards” with a list of processed ingredients. Students must find the processed ingredients provided on laminated cards then link them to the crop or livestock from which they come. Students can also be asked to “find their partners” at the start to see what their understanding is of food origins. This activity can be played where students link arms for their “connections” or the cards can be mounted on a felt display board with velcro and students take turns placing the different product cards for the links. Grade Level: K-5 is an educational resource developed by the Kentucky Agriculture and Environment in the Classroom with support from the Kentucky Soybean Board, Commonwealth Agri-Energy and KyCorn. The goal is to provide information about renewable biofuel production, use,sales, and promotion programs within the commonwealth of Kentucky. Facts and information are provided by our industry experts and sponsoring organizations.

Major Program Accomplishments or Outputs

More than 30,000 students participated in Ag Day programs last year. These one-day events consisting of 12-15 hands on stations highlight different Kentucky commodities and modern agricultural practices.

Kentucky Department of Agriculture operates three Mobile Agriculture Science Activity Centers, which travel full-time across the state to provide agriculture science lessons at school stops. The trailers have 10 activity workstations for K-5th grade students that align with state standards. Nearly 50,000 students were reached in 2016.

County volunteers were encouraged to help celebrate National Ag Day by reading agricultural oriented books through prior arranged appointments. Books were recommended which portrayed an accurate picture of American agriculture. Over 65 counties with hundreds of volunteers reached thousands of children through this project.

We continue to support volunteers statewide through new and unique educational training opportunities each year. Over 550 volunteers received training throughout the year on how they can expand and initiate grassroots educational efforts.

Cooperative relationships and education efforts among the major agriculture, environmental and conservation groups are on-going resulting in maximizing of available funds and education efforts.

Major Program Impacts or Outcomes

Nearly 50,000 students participated in the Mobile Agriculture Science Activity Center presentations.

More than 30,000 students participated in Ag Day programs during 2016.

More than 60,000 students from 120 Kentucky counties participated in the 2016 Conservation Tabloid Poster & Essay Contest. Farm Bureau provided the primary sponsorship, planning and tabloid design.

Over 500 students participated the Department of Agricultures Ag Day poster/essay contest.


Scott Christmas currently serves as the Kentucky Farm Bureau Ag Education, Women & Young Farmer Programs Director. Mr. Christmas is responsible for coordinating education and leadership development for Kentucky Farm Bureau women and young farmers. These activities include the implementation of Farm Bureau policy goals and objectives with a major emphasis on all agricultural literacy efforts.

Mr. Christmas involvement with Ag in the Classroom and other agricultural literacy programs stretches over the past twenty-three years. He previously worked for thirteen years with the Florida Farm Bureau and is currently in his eleventh year with the Kentucky Farm Bureau.

He is a 1989 graduate of the University of Florida where he earned his Bachelors of Science degree in Food and Resource Economics. He and his wife Kim have five boys and reside in Mt. Washington, Kentucky.