State Reports

State Summary 2017 — Maine

State Contact

Ms. Willie Grenier
Maine Agriculture in the Classroom
28 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0028
P: 207.287.5522

Classroom Resources

43 Aquaculture Lessons and Activities Aquaculture Activity (K-5) – Bookmarks Aquaculture Activity (K-5) – Cooking with Seaweed Aquaculture Activity (K-5) – Games and Physical Activities Aquaculture Activity (K-5) – Jeopardy Aquaculture Activity (K-5) – Music Activity Aquaculture Activity (K-5) – Reflection and Opinion Aquaculture Activity (K-5) – Sun Prints Aquaculture Activity – Aqua-Gram Aquaculture Activity – Crossword Aquaculture Activity – Find & Number Aquaculture Activity – Aquaculture Game Aquaculture Activity – Aquaculture Matching Aquaculture Activity – Kate’s Family Oyster Farm Aquaculture Activity – Language Arts Aquaculture Activity – Maine Waters Used for Aquaculture Aquaculture Activity – Salmon Lifecycle Maze Aquaculture Activity – Seafood Recipes Aquaculture Activity – Word Search Aquaculture Lesson (3-5) – Investigating Salmon & Trout Aquaculture Lesson (3-5) – Oysters for ME Aquaculture Lesson (K-2) – 1. Creature Feature Aquaculture Lesson (K-2) – 10. Fish on a Farm Aquaculture Lesson (K-2) – 2. Sea Animal Movement Aquaculture Lesson (K-2) – 3. Living vs Non-Living Aquaculture Lesson (K-2) – 4. Ocean Zones Aquaculture Lesson (K-2) – 5. Maine Tide Pools Aquaculture Lesson (K-2) – 6. Crab Soccer Aquaculture Lesson (K-2) – 7. Fish Printing Aquaculture Lesson (K-2) – 8. Food Chains Aquaculture Lesson (K-2) – 9. Sharks and Minnows Aquaculture Lesson (K-5) – 1. Introduction to Aquaculture Aquaculture Lesson (K-5) – 2. Aquaculture Equipment Aquaculture Lesson (K-5) – 3. Kelp Anatomy Aquaculture Lesson (K-5) – 4. Identification and Taxonomy of Seaweed Aquaculture Lesson (K-5) – 5. Seaweed Habitat and Photosynthesis Aquaculture Lesson (K-5) – 6. Water Quality Monitoring Aquaculture Lesson (K-5) – 7. Seaweed Products and Marketing Aquaculture Lesson (MS/HS) – 1. Oceanography 101 Aquaculture Lesson (MS/HS) – 2. Ocean Chemistry Aquaculture Lesson (MS/HS) – 3. Marine Ecosystems Aquaculture Lesson (MS/HS) – 4. Seaweed vs Plants Aquaculture Lesson (MS/HS) – 5. Geography of Aquaculture Aquaculture Lesson (MS/HS) – 6. Husbandry 101

Major Program Accomplishments or Outputs

In 2017 our major accomplishments were: Our Ag Literacy program,Read ME Agriculture" distributed materials and read to over 700 elementary classrooms in March. Our Lesson site holds 140 lessons and activities, 5 books and activities for each, a lending library for teachers, and links to videos on Maine Agriculture this year.The BOOK BARN project using technology to integrate Ag based literature into ELA, technology and other subjects as a standards based teaching tool has been successful in 2 schools. Outreach increased with the addition of a half time program assistant and part time outreach coordinator. MAITC continues to partner with Maine School Garden Network and Maine Farm to School. This year we developed a School Garden Coach program and they posted models and a handbook with over 70 links for school garden program. Monthly newsletters reached almost 3,500 educators across the state.

Major Program Impacts or Outcomes

Over 17,000 Ag. Specialty license plates were sold generating over $170,000 for Maine Ag Education.

29 Ag. Education grants provided $60,000 across the state to Ag Education projects.

12,500 students were exposed to volunteer presentations on agriculture.

221,340 PK - 12 Maine students received Ag Education programs in 2017

251 Pre-service teachers received Ag Education training and materials for use in their student teaching and careers from MAITC

150 Maine school gardens are recorded on the directory and receive materials and resources.

Almost 3,500 teachers and others received monthly newsletters from MAITC.


I have BS degree in Animal Science & Vocational Agriculture (concentration in Education) from the University of Maine. I have two children, both of which have served as contract staff for MAITC. Ariel has a BS in Psychology (and is currently teaching dance) and Jared graduated last year from the same land-grant university as their mom.In 2017 & 2018 Jared is working for FoodCorps Maine!

I was raised on a dairy farm in Maine and come from a long line of farmers and outdoors men and women. I have taught Elementary, Middle and High School, been a 4-H Leader and Executive Committee Member for the Cooperative Extension in Maine, taught Adult Education, managed a garden center and done employee training for Agway, an Eastern Farm and Garden Cooperative. I am a floral designer and own with my family a small business that decorates weddings and parties (in my spare time). I have worked since 1998 to develop Maine Agriculture in the Classroom to where it is today. When I began our yearly budget was $5,000. In the year 2000 I was officially hired to work for MAITC on a contract basis for 8 hours a month. After 15 years my position is currently full-time with full benefits. We contract additional positions for individual projects. MAITC has an office at the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry and has full privileges for the state central fleet, employee insurance program and retirement. There is a place in every state for Ag Education if someone has the passion to make it happen. The climate is right for Ag Education NOW! In 2017-18 I have served as NAITCO president and will host the National Conference in June 2018.