State Reports

State Summary 2017 — Minnesota

State Contact

Ms. Sue Knott
Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom
625 Robert Street North
St. Paul , MN 55155
P: 651.201.6486

Classroom Resources

Follow Your Food Videos Four videos highlight Minnesota Specialty Crops as well as the farm to table process. The engaging videos feature Hmong Farmers and their presence at farmers markets, heirloom crops and TSA (Tribal Supported Agriculture), unique honey processing and delivery, and following carrots from a Minnesota farm to the cafeteria of a Minneapolis elementary school. This video project is part of a USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant awarded to MAITC.

Presidential Turkey Flock Virtual Field Trip and Educator Resources MAITC Hosted a Virtual Field trip to the Wittenberg Turley Farm in Alexandria, MN. Videos from this Facebook Live field trip are available on the MAITC website.

Dairy Farm-to-Table Poster 11” x 17” double sided poster describes the process milk follows from the cow who produces it to the consumers that eat it. This project was funded by the Professional Dairy Producers Foundation Grant.

AgMag Magazine series Three print issues (fall, winter and spring) were developed and all content was also included on the student focused AgMag website. New content included an article featuring agricultural careers and updated Minnesota growing regions and biomes two-page spread.

AgMag Jr. Magazine series Two print issues (fall, winter) were developed and all content was included on the student focused AgMag website. All student activities were made interactive on this website so students can drag-and-drop, click on the correct answer, etc.

Major Program Accomplishments or Outputs

The MAITC Foundation hired three Ag Literacy Regional Specialists in November of 2017. We are excited to utilize their skills in three geographic regions of Minnesota to connect with local schools and agricultural groups to expand the impact of MAITC.

Utilized USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant funds to develop four new videos focused on farm-to-school and farm-to-table concepts for Minnesota Grown specialty crops. A Specialty Corp AgMag and lesson booklet are in development.

MAITC staff members served as consultants to the University of Minnesota’s Learning Technologies Media Lab on their AgCultures project. We assisted in developing curricular pieces to accompany videos and online artifacts collected over eight expeditions in the next four years.

MAITC worked with the Minnesota Historical Society to develop field trip programs and curricula for the newly renovated and expanded Oliver Kelley Farm in Elk River, MN. This historical site attracts more than 16,000 students from 66 school districts each school year.

Hosted two Facebook Live Virtual field trips in 2017. In the spring we hosted a virtual field trip to Meadowstar Dairy near Willmar, MN and in November we hosted a field trip to the Wittenberg Turkey farm near Alexandria MN. The Wittenberg Farm was home to the 2017 National Thanksgiving Turkey Flock so two of the turkeys we meet traveled to the white house. These events included live stream videos that are now available on our YouTube playlist. These virtual field trips were viewed live by over 200 K-12 classrooms from Minnesota and over 120 questions poured in during the live stream.

Facilitated three Summer Teacher Tours with 85 K-12 teachers participating

Major Program Impacts or Outcomes

After completing our Summer Teacher Tour, 79% of teachers that attended “strongly agreed” with the statement “I know strategies to use agriculture as a context for science, social studies, language arts and health/nutrition education.” 21% of the participants “agreed”, 0% disagreed, 0% strongly disagreed. Before participating in the Summer Teacher Tour, 20% strongly agreed, 55% agreed, 23% disagreed, and 2% strongly disagreed.

Pre-service teachers who participated in a MN Ag in the Classroom professional development workshop were asked to respond to the statement “I plan to utilize agricultural topics and examples in my future curricula and classroom.” 68% strongly agreed, 30% agreed and 2% were not sure.

The Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom website recorded 9,700 Users, 15,000 sessions and an average session time of 2:23 minutes in 2017


Sue Knott's agriculture roots were established on her family's farm in southwestern Minnesota. Experiences in 4-H, FFA and helping raise crops and livestock, inspired her to earn a degree in agricultural education from the University of Minnesota. She taught high school Agricultural Education for ten years before joining the Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom team as Education Specialist in 2011 and took on the role of State Contact in 2016. Sue focuses on providing professional development for K-12 teachers to introduce them to agriculture and how to use authentic agricultural content to enhance classroom instruction.