State Reports

State Summary 2016 — Minnesota

State Contact

Ms. Sue Knott
Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom
625 Robert Street North
St. Paul , MN 55155
P: 651.201.6486

Classroom Resources

AgMag Magazine series Three print issues (fall, winter and spring) were developed and all content was also included on the student focused AgMag website. New content included an article featuring agricultural careers and a dairy farm-to-table spread.

AgMag Jr. Magazine series Two print issues (fall, winter) were developed and all content was included on the on the student focused AgMag website. New content included a plant parts article and activity.

Commodity Pages A commodity landing page and separate web pages for pork, corn and soybeans were added to the student AgMag website. AgMag articles focusing on each commodity are linked to the page along with videos and other supporting resources for students to access

Minnesota Ag in the Classroom Website Our new program website was launched in spring of 2016

Major Program Accomplishments or Outputs

  1. Hosted our first ever Facebook Live Virtual field trip to the Kvistad Turkey Farm one week before Thanksgiving. This event included a 20 minute live stream that was viewed by over 40 K-12 classrooms from Minnesota, Illinois and New York. Twenty questions were fielded during the live stream by the turkey farmer or in the Comments section on Facebook by Minnesota Turkey Growers staff. Video clip now has over 3000 views.
  2. Facilitated two, two-day Summer Teacher Tours with over 70 K-12 teachers participating
  3. Strengthened our relationship with the Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation by hosting two workshops at their Winter Leadership Conference and organizing six groups of Farm Bureau volunteers to interact with 3rd-5th graders in classroom visits during the Minnesota Farm Bureau Annual Meeting and Conference.
  4. Continued our Teacher Champion program in five schools
  5. After thirty years as the Minnesota Ag in the Classroom Program Director, Al Withers official retired in August of 2016. Keri Sidle was hired as an Education Specialist.

Major Program Impacts or Outcomes

  1. After completing our Summer Teacher Tour, 54% of teachers attending “strongly agreed” with the statement “I have skills that allow me to use agricultural content as an educational tool.” 45% of the participants “agreed”. Before participation in the Summer Teacher Tour, 12% strongly agreed, 54% agreed and 33% disagreed with this statement.
  2. Pre-service teachers who participated in a MN Ag in the Classroom professional development workshop were asked to respond to the statement “I plan to utilize agricultural topics and examples in my future curricula and classroom.” 59% strongly agreed, 35% agreed and 6% were not sure.
  3. The Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom website recorded 5,540 Users, 30,099 page views and an average session time of 2:58 minutes since it’s launch in March of 2016. 40% of visitors were returning and 60% were new visitors.


Sue Knott's agriculture roots were established on her family's farm in southwestern Minnesota. Experiences in 4-H, FFA and helping raise crops and livestock, inspired her to earn a degree in agricultural education from the University of Minnesota. She taught high school Agricultural Education for nine years before joining the Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom team as Education Specialist in 2011. She took on the role of State Contact in 2016. Sue focuses on providing resources and professional development for K-12 teachers to introduce them to agriculture and how to use authentic agricultural content to enhance instruction.