State Reports

State Summary 2016 — Mississippi

State Contact

Ms. Clara Bilbo
Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation
P.O. Box 1972
Jackson, MS 39215-1972
P: 601.977.4245

Classroom Resources

The projects completed in 2016 were updated resource guides for teachers grade K-6. They were the following units: Equine, Horticulture, Peanuts, and Catfish. These guides are full of ready to use lesson plans divided into the following subject areas: math, science, health, language arts, and social studies. Each lesson is matched to state standards on all the resources. These units were distributed across the state and used at teacher workshops. Promotional pieces such as activity sheets, and a different commodity table topper along with a bookmark for each month. The commodities are Beef, Catfish, Cotton, Equine, Forestry, Grains, Honey Bee, Horticulture, Rice, Peanuts, Poultry and Eggs, Sweet Potatoes, and various vegetable units. A spin-wheel game with Mississippi Commodities, Honey, Jeopardy Game, Dairy Trivia, and Cotton Trivia. The Cotton Gin machine was shown to be a success because the majority of AITC programs for 2016 was the cotton gin. This program has helped students understand how cotton goes from the field to the clothes they wear. A new project for activities is “Lilly Belle”, a new Holstein dairy cow made of fiberglass and mounted on a fiberglass base. She visited numerous schools throughout the State. She will moo and you can milk her. There were various programs presented regarding A Day With a Cow, Dairy Trivia, Ice Cream in a Bag, and Tell Me About Butter. The Book of the Year was Millie’s Chickens, which was one of the most popular books. They were reordered three times. There were three Ag Mag issues written and released; All About Beef, Versatile Soybeans, and Land and Water: Valuable Natural Resources.

Major Program Accomplishments or Outputs

The Children’s Museum has a portion of the museum designated for the promotion of agriculture. This was an opportunity to assist in funding a position that would work through our AITC program. We partnered with the museum to reach every child about the importance of agriculture. We provided a grant for a designated teacher to represent agriculture in Mississippi History and Geography. By doing so, they are using our teaching units and other material. We presented two checks totaling $30,000 for the teacher. Distributed 150,000 coloring sheets to schools for coloring contest participation. These contests are held in each district for second grade students. Eight District winners receive $25 and the overall State Winner receives $50. As an on-going learning instrument, we offer units with Mississippi facts indicating major commodities and the history of Mississippi and agriculture is a very successful program in helping people understand the importance at all ages. There were 82 counties presented updated teaching units, and activity sheets for the barns used in their schools. News and Notes...the Voice of Mississippi Farm Bureau Women, a quarterly newsletter that provides info for the county Women’s Committee chairs and county secretaries with a section of AITC activities to do in schools or the promotion of activities which occurred in their county. We distributed a total of 600,000 Mississippi Ag Mag in the Farm Country magazine three times a year in 2016. The National AITC Conference was attended by our Teacher of the Year who was recognized for accomplishments. The 12 district winners from the Ag Art contest were featured on the 2016 calendar with commodity facts. There were 10 scholarships, totaling $16,000 presented in 2016. The 2016 Book of the Year, Millie’s Chicken, sold over 600 books. A Photo Contest is being held with 3 divisions, At Home on the Farm, My Scenic Farm, and At Work on the Farm. Prizes awarded to the top 3 photos in each category total $450.

Major Program Impacts or Outcomes

  • Over 390,000 visited Children’s Museum where AITC was taught by teacher we provided along with material and program each Friday. $30,000 donated to have agriculture section.
  • Ag Mag newsletters published in 3 issues of the magazine totaling 600,000 distributed. 75,000 provided to schools, fairs, etc.
  • $4,000 presented for Ambassador Scholarship.
  • $4,000 donated to The Mustard Seed to provide I-Pads for their adults with developmental disabilities.
  • $12,000 scholarships awarded to 4 females majoring in Ag.
  • $5,000 donated to Pine Vale Children’s Home to help pay for school items.
  • $5,261 raised to place on funds for AITC Workshops.
  • 80,000 kids visited Children’s Barn at the 157th State Fair and received educational material about animal health and human nutrition.
  • 400 students participated at Mid-South Fair Ag Day.
  • Distributed over 100,000 Halloween Safety tips.
  • 3,000 students attended National Ag Day.
  • 3 new Ag Mag issues released were: All About Beef, Versatile Soybeans, and Land and Water Valuable Natural Resources.
  • 3% increase on 5 Teacher Workshops held with 280 attending and 147 received CEU credit.
  • $2,000 grant awarded to Teacher of the Year.
  • 7% increase on Partner with 4-H Program in Leadership Training, over 200 attended.
  • Over 400 FFA students taught ag unit to help people understand importance of agriculture.
  • 115 teachers attended AITC Workshop.
  • 40% increase in material distributed to educate the public about agriculture due to AITC Traveling Trailer.
  • Commodity information bookmarks distributed over 200,000.
  • Commodity table toppers Increased 50% on the 100,000 distributed.
  • 4% increase on teachers receiving CEU credit.
  • 8% material increase for home school contacts.
  • 2% increase in coloring contest sheets distributed, total count 35,000.
  • 4% increase in Art Contest participation.
  • Over 20,000 students/teachers were addressed with the traveling cow, cotton gin and nutrition program in 2016.


State Contact: Clara Bilbo,

Serve as Coordinator of the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation Women’s Programs and Ag in the Classroom Programs. Graduate of Belhaven College. Has been employed with Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation for 32 years. Serves on seven committees regarding agriculture.