State Reports

State Summary 2017 — Missouri

State Contact

Ms. Diane Olson
Missouri Farm Bureau Federation
P.O. Box 658
Jefferson City, MO 65102
P: 573.893.1414

Classroom Resources

Created 2 new 16"x20" posters, Pollinators and Farm Animal Families for classroom use. Updated and reprinted full color, 12-page tabloid, Agriculture is Everywhere, correlated with MO Learning Standards, Grades 3-5.

Major Program Accomplishments or Outputs

Completed distribution of 200,00 copies of the 12-page tabloid, Agriculture is Everywhere for use in classrooms. Content aligns with MO Learning Standards Grades 2-5. Due to popularity of this resource, it has been updated and is being reprinted. Exhibiting at statewide teacher events including the MO Association of School Librarians promotes resources to educators and pre-service teachers and shared information regarding Journey 2050. Promoted the AFBF My American Farm online resource to educators and parents. Provided teacher Professional Development Workshops and pre-service training to assist in getting information regarding resources to educators. Topics provide an accurate portrayal of agriculture and ideas for infusing agricultural concepts into the classroom curriculum. Four Counties hosted over 3000 3rd and 4th grade students during Farm Day events providing hands-on experiences in agriculture. $7500 in mini-grants was awarded to teachers to provide assistance in purchasing accurate agricultural resources, field trips and consumables allowing students to become agriculturally literate. 29 awards were made ultimately reaching 2250 students.200 educators and volunteers participated in workshops held at the MO Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers Conference. County FB volunteers provide program support for schools through field days, classroom visits, classroom resources and organizing teacher workshops. Conducted training for staff at the newly opened GROW exhibit at the Saint Louis Science Center. Over 1 million visitors enter the exhibit annually. Partnerships provide opportunities to multiply efforts. Venues including the American Royal School tours and neighborhood schools program, St. Louis Science Center, Missouri State Fair, Kansas City AgriBusiness Council, FFA and the St. Louis Agriculture Business Club promote agricultural literacy to a variety of audience.

Major Program Impacts or Outcomes

79%% of educators participating in workshops, in-service or pre-service education indicate the have utilized materials presented. Many have requested additional information and referred additional teachers to the program for information and resources.

95% of the teachers receiving the Agriculture is Everywhere 12-page tabloid have utilized it's content with students. The feedback has been extremely positive regarding content, usability and alignment with state learning standards.

75% of the teachers in the pre-service workshops indicate they have visited the website and will plan to utilize the materials and develop teaching units for use in the classroom. Many are accessing the Curriculum Matrix.

78% of 4th grade teachers utilized agricultural concepts in their study of Missouri.

6100 urban students participated in school tours at the American Royal and learned about agriculture. Educators indicated that over 85% of their students were enlightened by learning where their food and fiber originates.

90% of the teachers participating in the Farm Day Programs in their respective counties indicated they utilized the agricultural message pre/post within their classroom. 75% indicate they gained a better understanding of agriculture and can better utilize agricultural materials as a result.

90% of students participating in pre-service programs indicate it is helpful to them as they continue to plan for their career in teaching about agriculture.

200 teachers participating in the training conducted in conjunction with the Missouri Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers Conference indicated they would immediatley include the resources shared in upcoming units of study. Two hands-on sessions for students were conducted allowing them to experience a broader understanding of agriculture. 89% of the Agriculture Educators who participated in a Professional Development workshop at their state meeting indicated they utilized the materials. Many have ordered additional items.


B.S. in Education Missouri State University, Springfield, MO

M.S. in Child and Family Studies from University of Missouri, Columbia, MO

Additional post-graduate studies at the University of MO

11/1/1985-Present-Director of Promotion and Education for Missouri Farm Bureau Federation which includes state contact for Agriculture in the Classroom

University of Missouri Extension Child and Family Development Specialist

11/1/1985-Present Missouri Agriculture in the Classroom State Contact

1997-1998 President-Elect of the National Agriculture in the Classroom Consortium

1998-1999 President of the National Agriculture in the Classroom Consortium