State Reports

State Summary 2017 — Montana

State Contact

Ms. Christy Clark
Montana Department of Agriculture
302 N Roberts
Helena, MT 59601
P: 406.444.5425

Classroom Resources

The program was not operated in 2017 aside from providing copies of resources that were already in existence.

Major Program Accomplishments or Outputs


Major Program Impacts or Outcomes



Steph Hystad is a Marketing Officer for The Montana Department of Agriculture who started as the AITC state contact in March of 2018. Her work focuses on local food systems and domestic marketing, as well as Farm to School. A Vermont native with ties to the Midwest, Steph has worked in Montana for over 10 years with outstanding nonprofits, businesses, public entities, and school systems to grow great ideas into measurable, impactful initiatives. She has a BS in Psychology from the University of Vermont and an MBA from Colorado State University.