State Reports

State Summary 2016 — New Mexico

State Contact

Ms. Traci Curry
New Mexico Agriculture in the Classroom
2220 N Telshor
Las Cruces, NM 88011
P: 505.238.2425

Classroom Resources

New Mexico Ag in the Classroom Energy Reader NM Ag Literacy Project- project withThe Beeman" Outdoor Educational Banner:Let's Learn all about Dairy Cattle" ( Marketing Rack CardWho Will Grow our Future?"

Major Program Accomplishments or Outputs

New Mexico Ag in the Classroom (NMAITC) worked with NMDA to develop a new marketing rack card targeted to teachers. The rack card identifies possibilities through NMAITC including: Free Educational Presentations, Free Workshop Trainings, Volunteer Opportunities, PreK-12 Free Lessons and Connections to Experts in the Field. It promotes the need for agricultural careers.

This is the third year for New Mexico Ag Literacy Project. The Beeman was the selected book. Partnerships with New Mexico Agriculture Education/FFA and state financial institutions make this project possible.

“What It Takes to Get to Your Plate” is a live (face to face) presentation that was created by Traci Curry, New Mexico State Contact. Students follow corn from seed to their plate experiencing the variety of expertise needed (agriculture careers) to assist farmers in this process.

NMAITC created a County AGvocate program to identify individuals in each county to share an educational message within the county and communicate new resources and opportunities of NMAITC to county members. NMAITC was available to provide training to the AGvocate for the classroom visit as well as supply materials. Each county ‘AGvocate is asked to do one classroom visit with the materials provided, but is welcome to present to as many classes as they wish and materials will be provided

NMAITC organized a multi-agency planning group to develop the 1st Agriculture Education Tours at Southern New Mexico State Fair and Rodeo. The tours were a success and are in the planning process for the coming year. Traci Curry of NMAITC developed an online registration process.

NMAITC, along with NMFLB County Farm Bureaus, sent 37 educators to the National Ag in the Classroom Conference in Phoenix, AZ. The most we have ever had in attendance.

NMAITC worked with the NM dairy industry to update the dairy educational banner used in educational presentations. Sponsors provided funding for design and banner printing.

Major Program Impacts or Outcomes

NMAITC reached, 25,196 through face-to-face educational presentations in 2016. This is a 33% increase from 2015.

The New Mexico Ag Literacy project saw a 336% increase in students, 38% increase in teachers, and 231% increase in FFA members from 2015. In 2016, 4,036 students, 256 teachers and 202 FFA members were involved in the program.

Volunteer presentations were increased by 40% due to the new AGvocate program.

The first agriculture education tours for Southern New Mexico State Fair and Rodeo reached 1264 students and 60 teachers.


Traci Curry: Southern Region Director Degree in Elementary Education from Eastern New Mexico University Eleven years classroom teaching experience.

Cheryl Butterfield: Northern Region Director Degrees- Bachelor of Science in Ag Econ/ Ag Business and Hospitality & Tourism Services; Master's of Science in Home Economics from NM State University Eighteen years with NMSU Cooperative Extension Service and taught several subjects including middle school math.