State Reports

State Summary 2015 — Ohio

State Contact

Mr. David Rule
Ohio Farm Bureau Federation
280 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43218
P: 614.246.8210

Classroom Resources

The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation (OFBF) network is the main Ohio AITC delivery system. 81 of 87 county Farm Bureaus have an action team in place, which includes education outreach.

New lessons have been added to the student activities section of All lessons are matched to state standards.

An Ag Mag called Food in Ohio was developed during 2015 and 10,000 were distributed statewide.

Major Program Accomplishments or Outputs

For the 14th year, OFBF sponsored the Land and Living exhibit at the Ohio State Fair. The goal of the exhibit is to provide ag education opportunities for fair visitors. Approximately 375,000 fairgoers visited the display. Approximately 10,000 children planted a sunflower seed and took it home as part of the Agrium exhibit. OFBF again partnered with the Ohio State Fair, Ohio Department of Ag and commodity organizations to enhance the Ag is Cool" program, an interactive and educational scavenger hunt targeted to fourth grade students. Approximately 900 4th grade students participated and 3,300 other students and adults participated. Students could win a $500 scholarship by writing an essay. Four essays were awarded to students in November.

In the 2014/2015 fiscal year, 86 county Farm Bureaus received $450,000 in education funding from Ohio Farm Bureau for events, communication and education projects. From evaluations submitted, approximately 16,075 county Farm Bureau volunteers were involved with the activities and an estimated 140,754 people were reached.

The Teachers Lounge e-newsletter was e-mailed five times in 2015 to 2,039 teacher subscribers. The goal is to provide teachers who are interested in ag education materials with a summary of resource materials and programs available to them.

Major Program Impacts or Outcomes

Almost ninety-nine percent (85 of 86) of the county Farm Bureaus conducted education programs.

More than sixty unique Grow and Know events took place throughout the state. County Farm Bureaus have embraced the concept and created many events of their own, which are collectively promoted in each issue of Our Ohio magazine. The nature of county Grow and Know events was diverse and included speakers at county fairs, farm tours for students, meet a farmer events, tailgate events, cooking classes, farm market tours, wine events and dinners on the farm.

32,498 students from K-4 participated in an Ag Day in 46 counties in Ohio. These include multiple stations teaching a variety of agricultural and natural resources subjects. They are coordinated and conducted by the county Farm Bureaus.

71 county Farm Bureaus participated in their county fairs by offering educational activities such as agricultural scavenger hunts, member information stands, livestock barn tours and ask the expert events. This included 1,579 volunteers and touched 296,000 people.


Sandy Kuhn graduated from Ohio State University with a bachelor's degree in animal science/agricultural education and has masters degrees in agriculture education/human resource management and in business administration. Kuhn joined the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation staff in January 2007 and currently serves as Director, Education and Industry Outreach. Previously Sandy served as the Executive Director for the Ohio Livestock Coalition and OFBF Commodity Director. Prior to OFBF, she worked at OSU South Centers. She has also worked in human resources and feed sales.

Kuhn was active with the Fairfield County Farm Bureau, serving as vice president of its board of trustees and on the promotion and education committee. She served as president of the OSU College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Alumni Society Board and currently serves as vice president of the Fairfield County OSU Alumni Club. She also is a volunteer at St. Joseph's Church in Circleville.