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State Summary 2017 — Oklahoma

State Contact

Ms. Audrey Harmon
Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry
2800 N. Lincoln Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
P: 405.740.0160

Classroom Resources

In 2017, Oklahoma Ag in the Classroom developed Elementary Financial Literacy cards to compliment the High School set that was created in 2016. These cards are a traditional set of playing cards with elementary level financial literacy questions in the center of each card. These cards are given to teachers during professional development workshops. These cards were funded by a donation from Oklahoma Ag Credit.

A new resource book for teachers was created titled,Fruits, Nuts, and Veggies, Oh My!" This book contains ideas to use specialty crops for art, cooking, science experiments, physical education, and games. This resource was funded by a USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant. It is also featured on the Oklahoma AITC Website:

"Ag on Rt 66," a new activity book for PreK-Third grade students, was created. This magazine includes information on commodities grown in Oklahoma, which can be found along Rt 66. This magazine is given/mailed out to Oklahoma teachers, for free, as class sets for student use. It is also featured on the Oklahoma AITC Website:

In addition to these new resources, Oklahoma AITC revised the Oklahoma Commodity map. These maps are printed and given to classrooms, free of charge, as a student resource. It is available online in both color and black and white versions:

The ABC's of Oklahoma Agriculture coloring book was also updated, and is available online:

The Oklahoma AITC website was updated and reorganized. Sixteen new lessons were created in 2017 and many others were updated. Some of the new lessons include lessons on Sustainable Energy and Native American Agriculture practices.

The Teacher Feature section of the Oklahoma AITC website has continued to grow with ten new Teacher Feature articles being written to highlight teachers and their AITC focused classrooms. Staff also created three new Oklahoma AITC Teacher Feature Video Vignettes to showcase AITC Classrooms. These can all be accessed online:

Major Program Accomplishments or Outputs

In 2017, the Oklahoma AITC contest theme was,Agriculture Puts the Puzzle Together." The winners were recognized at the State Capitol on Ag Day on March 29, 2017. Sponsors for the Ag Day Awards and Celebration included Farm Credit Associations of Oklahoma; Oklahoma Farm Bureau Women; Oklahoma Beef Council; Oklahoma Soybean Board; DairyMAX; and SW Dairy.

Oklahoma AITC was also excited to have an Excellence in Teaching Agriculture National winner, Mrs. Amber Bales and three National CHS Scholarship Award winners. These ladies all represented OAITC at the National Conference in Missouri. OAITC Staff presented four Mini Workshop Sessions at the National Conference and received great reviews. In addition, educators from Oklahoma presented 5 workshops at the National AITC conference.

Teachers and pre-service teachers across the state participated in on-site workshops and in-service educator training. 50 teachers traveled across Oklahoma on a three day summer rolling workshop for professional development called,Ag on Rt 66." These teachers were able to visit cattle ranches, a dairy, you-pick berry orchards, a sheep ranch, pecan sorting facility, a mushroom farm, and many more agricultural venues. One of the cattle ranches has a sorting tub designed by Temple Grandin, which the teachers found especially interesting. 100 educators also traveled on two different one day workshops. During these tours, participants were able to pick fresh blackberries and blueberries, learn about Christmas trees, enjoy Farm to Table lunches, and create recipes to use in their schools featuring specialty crops. These two one day tours were in conjunction with Oklahoma Farm to School.

300 educators attended the 2017 Oklahoma AITC State Summer Conference and participated in workshops led by teachers from across the state. Five different workshop sessions, each featuring seven workshops, were offered for participants to select from. The Keynote speaker was the Oklahoma FFA Foundation Executive Director, who challenged teachers to invest in what matters, students lives. The educators loved this experience and were excited to share their new knowledge with their students.

Major Program Impacts or Outcomes

52 teachers from 32 schools in Oklahoma, representing 24 counties, submitted 1,183 student entries in the 2017 AITC Contest.

479 pre-service teachers attended college workshops at eleven of the state universities where they received AITC training in 2017.

50 educators traveled across Oklahoma on a three dayAg on Rt 66" traveling workshop and received AITC training while experiencing agriculture at farms and ranches.

22% of those who attended the three dayAg on Rt 66" tour did not personally know a farmer or rancher.

100 educators/child nutrition staff also traveled on two separate one day workshops and learned more about Oklahoma Specialty Crops.

30% of the participants on the Specialty Crop tours thought that Specialty crops were the main agricultural crops in Oklahoma before the tours, however after participating 85% correctly identified the crops as those grown for food, medicinal, or aesthetic gratification.

300 educators in Oklahoma attended the State Summer Conference and participated in workshops led by other teachers from across the state.

44% of the State Summer Conference were first time attendees. 99% of the total conference participants surveyed plan to attend the 2018 State Summer Conference.

283 teachers from across Oklahoma chose to attend Ag in the Classroom sessions at the State Department of Education's Regional EngageOK Summer Conferences.

90% of the teachers who attended the AITC sessions during EngageOK had never attended an AITC workshop, tour, or conference.

147 5th-12th grade STEM teachers attended AITC Sessions during the Oklahoma Education and Industry Partners conference.

20 teachers attended a three day AITC STEM retreat at the Noble Foundation. These teachers learned about beekeeping, microscopy, and feral hog eradication. They participated in STEM and MakerSpace activities to reinforce learning of concepts and provide ideas to use the new knowledge in their classrooms. 20% of the teachers at the Noble Retreat were new to the AITC program.

3.4K players have played 49 Kahoot educational games created to accompany the Oklahoma AITC lessons.

3 newOklahoma AITC Teacher Feature Video Vignettes" created by AITC staff in Oklahoma were viewed 509 times in 2017 on YouTube. Oklahoma AITC YouTube Channel now has 20 subscribers with 3,478 total views.


Audrey Harmon is a coordinator for Ag in the Classroom at the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry in the Market Development Division. She taught kindergarten for 13 years before becoming a State AITC Coordinator. Audrey was the Oklahoma AITC Teacher of the Year in 2009 and won the National Excellence in Teaching Agriculture Award in 2010. Audrey has been involved with Ag in the Classroom for 13 years, six of which she has been employed by the program. She has provided professional development for teachers across the state, presented at state and national AITC conferences, and has developed resources, written lessons, and created Teacher Feature Videos for Ag in the Classroom. Audrey has a BS in Early Childhood Education from Oklahoma State University. Her husband Burton owns a pasture spraying business and is a youth pastor. She has three sons.