State Reports

State Summary 2017 — Oregon

State Contact

Ms. Jessica Jansen
Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation
200 Strand Agriculture Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331
P: 541.737.8629

Classroom Resources

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Major Program Accomplishments or Outputs

Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation reached over 190,000 students during the last school year. We have just over 2,473 educators in our network and are working with individuals in all 36 Oregon counties. We transitioned this year to two full time staff members and added a regional office in the Portland metro area with a third full-time person. We also have two college student interns in our main office.

We continue to distribute Get Oregonized textbooks. Get Oregonized is a history book written for students in grades three, four and five studying Oregon's history and regions. The text is designed to help students understand and appreciate the rich history, people and natural resources that shaped the state of Oregon. Maps, illustrations and photographs complement the easy to read text. This was updated in 2013, we distributed 956 this year for a total estimated use of 10,000 copies across the state.

22,295 students were reached through our tenth annual literacy project featuring Allison Investigates: Does Chocolate Milk Come from Brown Cows?. Over 740 trained volunteers read to K-5 students in 856 classrooms. Volunteers spent about 45 minutes in each classroom and shared their personal connection to agriculture with teachers and students.

We received two large grants in 2017 for projects that will be complete in 2018: one (from the Step-Up program) is an interactive map with virtual videos of Oregon agriculture and the other is a large careers in agriculture project.

We had record attendance and income at our Fall Harvest Dinner, our only fundraising event. We raised a record $51,000 and sold 37 cases of Get Oregonized books that will be donated to schools throughout the state.

Major Program Impacts or Outcomes

AITC materials and lessons were delivered to more than 190,000 students across the state.

Over 740 volunteers collaborated on the literacy project. 416 new teachers became partners with the program.

97% of teachers trained this year planned to incorporate AITC resources in their classroom.

96% of surveyed pre-service teachers plan to use AITC resources when they begin their career.

Our website averaged 1,500 monthly unique visits.


Jessica Jansen is the Executive Director for Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation. A third generation Oregonian, Jessica loves to share about the tremendous agricultural diversity in Oregon. She holds a B.S. in Agricultural Sciences and Speech Communication from Oregon State University. In addition to her duties with AITC, Jessica serves on the Summer Agriculture Institute Committee, the board of directors for the Oregon Ag Fest and is active with the Oregon Dairy Women and Oregon Women for Agriculture.

This is her fifth year as Executive Director of Oregon AITC.