State Reports

State Summary 2016 — Pennsylvania

State Contact

Ms. Tonya Wible
PA Friends of Ag Foundation
510 South 31st Street
Camp Hill, PA 17011
P: 717.731.3545

Classroom Resources

None reported for 2016

Major Program Accomplishments or Outputs

We hosted our state Educator's Ag Institute. There were 30 educators who participated. This was the first year with a revised format that provided multiple options per session allowing participants to customize their week by pre-selecting the sessions and tours that best applied to their educational needs.

Mobile Ag Ed Science Lab - Completed 177 week-long bookings in schools across PA and instructed 110,625 students through hands on science experiments related to agriculture. 47 new schools experienced the program, while 73% of visits were at schools where program had been in previous years.

Ag on the Go- Piloted new program designed to bring hands-on science related to agriculture into inner-city classrooms. Completed visits to 15 schools in 3 major cities across the state with 100% funding for schools. Reached 2700 3rd-5th grade students in qualifying title one classrooms.

PA Friends of Ag Foundation completed the process of becoming the state affiliate for Food, Land and People in Pennsylvania. 2 trainings were held providing educational materials to 70 educators to assist them in incorporating agriculture into their classrooms.

Partnered with Miss America 2016 to promote ag literacy at annual outreach event. Over 15,000 Attendees participated with interactive display, received commodity visor and take-home educational activity sheet.

Major Program Impacts or Outcomes

110,625 students, grades k-8, were educated last year in the Mobile Ag Ed Science Lab, with pre/post surveys showing a 10% increase in agricultural literacy.

2700 inner-city students, grades 3-5, received hands-on science instruction, related to agriculture through the Ag on the Go program.

Reached 20,000 attendees at this event and 2 other major events promoting general agricultural literacy. Attendees participate in interactive display, receive commodity visor and take-home educational activity sheet.

Pre/Post assessments of the 30 Ag Institute participants showed an increase in their ag awareness, as well as attitude towards agriculture and its importance.


Tonya Wible, Program Director of the PA Friends of Ag Foundation's Mobile Ag Ed Science Lab Program, is serving her 4th year as PA State Contact for NAITC. Tonya's connection to PA AITC began in 1998 when she attended Pennsylvania's summer AITC workshop. She returned the following year to serve as a presenter, and continued to present at the summer workshop until 2003, when she left the regular classroom to assist PA Farm Bureau's PA Friends of Foundation with the launch of their Mobile Ag Ed Science Lab program as a means of response to the growing need for agricultural education that its members were seeing. With a BS ED in Elementary Education and a BA in Psychology from Shippensburg University, she brought to the program not only 6 years of classroom experience from her time at Chambersburg Area School District, but also a strong connection to agriculture and its importance, as she grew up on a dairy farm in Chambersburg, PA. As Program Director, she oversees all aspects of the Mobile Ag Ed Science Lab: from curriculum development, to promotion, to scheduling, to school in-services and teacher training, to expansion of the program. Over the past 14 year, the Ag Lab program has met with such success and generated such a demand for ag literacy education within the Foundation, that Tonya now works to implement and oversee other ag literacy education efforts of the Foundation, including Ag on the Go and PA Ag Literacy Week programs. She serves as state affiliate for Food, Land and People. With a better understanding of NAITC's mission, Tonya and her colleagues within the PA Friends of Ag Foundation are working to incorporate all of their educational efforts as part of their NAITC programming, as well as expand the scope of the educational programs and resources they offer.