Teacher Center

2001 National Excellence in Teaching about Agriculture Award

Mrs. Chyna Hayes

teaches Kindergarten at C. Ray Gates Elementary School in Grand Island, Nebraska and has been involved in AITC since 1996. One of her inspirations was the development of a plan to help her students understand that good food starts with the producer or the farmer and ends with the consumer. Mrs. Hayes received a grant to purchase literature books, videos, educational games, and farm-related models, and to fund field trips. These materials helped in introducing her class to the basics of nutrition and health. She is to be commended for the diversity of activities, integration of agriculture into required subject areas, and meeting state standards. Further, she promoted the AITC summer workshop with other teachers in her school district. Chyna's enthusiasm and commitment to the program has increased the enrollment in the summer workshops and increased the number of teachers involved in the Nebraska Ag Pen Pals Program.

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