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2002 National Excellence in Teaching about Agriculture Award

Ms. Deni Lopez

Says Ms. Deni Lopez, "I search for ways to motivate my students to learn grade level curriculum. Agricultural projects and service learning have become the vehicles I use to teach standards in a meaningful way." She encourages learning through real life projects, for she feels they have a series of educational skills inherently associated with them. As students engage in the project, they acquire grade level skills that can be applied to both schoolwork and life. The school garden, student-run store, and student-based trash management project (which includes vermicomposting) all tie into agriculture. This year, Deni is California's AITC Educator of the Year and is one of three National AITC Outstanding Educators. She will be honored at CFAITC's Conference in Irvine this October, where she will share some of her winning ideas.

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