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2006 National Excellence in Teaching about Agriculture Award

Ms. Diana Agre and Ms. Kim Hofstad, Montana

Our agriculture Month provides students with an in depth background into Agriculture in Montana, especially the local agricultural producers and suppliers.

We designate March of each year as our Agriculture Month. All subject areas focus on Agricultural integration. It's not just one project, but an entire month of field trips, presenters hands on experiential learning. Students see the process from the farm to the table. We travel to farms, ranches, elevators, a fertilizer plant, a plant nursery, the livestock sales yard, a museum, a bottling company, and a local grocery store. Presenters come to the school teaching lessons on bee keeping, farm safety, noodle making, bread making, soil makeup, marketing, Montana crops and products produced from them. Students keep journals of their activities; make relief maps, seed mosaic roosters, and point of departure pictures.

Each student also chooses an agricultural topic of interest and develops a project for the end-of-the-month Agriculture Fair. The entire community and area schools are invited to see their projects, binders, and art works form the month.

Throughout the month every fie4ld trip host, presenter, and Ag Fair judge receives a thank you certificate presented by a student along with a firm handshake.

The foundation students receive in their 4th grade agriculture month leads to future leaders with an appreciation and reverence for the importance of agriculture.

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