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2010 National Excellence in Teaching about Agriculture Award

Ms. Virginia (Ginger) Dietz
Bennett Elementary, North Dakota

Ms. Ginger Dietz Ms. Honey Bee, Commander Deitz and Ms. Aggie Culture are all characters in the classroom of Ginger Deitz. Ms. Honey Bee helps students investigate the relationship between bees and flowers in the process of pollination. A students run business “Honey and Bee Creations” promotes the honey commodity and creates entrepreneurs at the same time. Students use the proceeds for community outreach like the food pantry. By the use of “Astro-plants”, NASA wanna-be Commander Deitz helps her students understand that “Agriculture is everywhere, even out of this world.” She teachers students how agriculture can bridge culture as they learn about heritage on the local, regional and worldwide spectrum. Students building stream tables, creating soil painted journals, inventing projects taken to Marketplace for Kids, and many more interdisciplinary lessons improve agriculture literacy in her classroom and community.

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