Teacher Center

2014 National Excellence in Teaching about Agriculture Award

Ms. Lauren Arbogast

Lauren Arbogast, of Rockingham County, is a teacher at W. H. Keister Elementary School in Harrisonburg, Virginia. She teaches preschool and integrates agriculture not only in her classroom, but also the entire school. She established a “Farming in the City Day” at her school to increase student awareness of agriculture. She also has participated in several AITC professional development workshops and integrates agricultural facts into her classroom throughout the year. Arbogast is a member of the Rockingham County Farm Bureau, the Rockingham County Farm Bureau Women's Committee and the Virginia Farm Bureau Federation Young Farmers. She and her husband, Brian, and their two sons, Brandon and Jackson, live on a multi-generational farm where they produce beef, poultry and crops. She also blogs about her life on the farm at paintthetownag.com.

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